Larry Varnes seeks re-election


I am seeking re-election for a third term as your HOA Resident Director. I remain steadfastly committed to finding the right balance between our quality of life and the cost of providing it. My experience becomes all the more important as our developer ceases subsidizing our operations in 2020.

The three most significant issues facing the HOA Board are:

Ensuring financial stability: We need to develop a plan now to provide sufficient reserves for maintaining the future quality of our community without unreasonable dues increases or future assessments. We need balanced operational budgets before losing subsidy.

Enhancing resident feedback: We need to be responsive to resident ideas or provide valid reasons why we can’t meet needs. We need to listen to all points of view. Listening is key to good leadership. Timely response is equally critical.

Improving communications: Lack of communications can breakdown the trust needed between the developer and the HOA. Through the Unit Rep program, which I’ve chaired since its beginning in 2013, we have improved. But we need to get even better. This is why I have championed increasing the frequency and scope of our Town Hall meetings.

I am uniquely qualified to address these issues. I have been actively involved in Robson Ranch since I moved here, having served as a Board Advisor for four years before becoming your Resident Director. I have also been president of two other HOAs and I currently serve Denton as Chair of the Community Development Advisory Committee.