Leaders in the Pro Shop are…

John Burkholder, MGA9 Communications

The Men’s Golf Association 9-Holers (MGA9) are extremely fortunate to have the experience, support and friendship of the eight outstanding golf junkies staffing our Pro Shop here at Wildhorse Golf Club.

This close-knit team is led by our Club Pro David Thatcher who signed on with WGC two weeks before the course opened in 2001 after more than 16 previous years’ experience in the golf world. David’s best round of golf was “a long time ago” 67; his best round on WGC, 73. Not too bad on a 6,000+ yard, par 72 course. Way to go David T! David, the seventh of nine Thatcher children, was born in Indiana and found his way south to Texas in 1967. He didn’t say why, but we can guess that it was the great weather and wonderful golf courses, or more than likely, a simple, family-driven move (get the pun?).

Joining David T in the Pro Shop at WGC is our young and handsome Assistant Pro Thomas (Thom for short, rhymes with bomb) Wright and six friendly, knowledgeable and quick with a wise crack golf nuts who help and harass us old duffers in any and every way possible. Ask them any reasonable golf-related (or non-golf related for that matter) question and you’ll get a quick, pointed and oftentimes hilarious answer. It may not be accurate or serious, but you’ll get one just the same. At least that’s been my experience.

Well, enough ego-building accolades for our Pro Shop staff and on with the introductions. In order of seniority and years of WGC experience we have Dwight Evans, 14-1/2; Pete Ahrens, 11; Barb Stevens, six; Bill Starr, four; Larry Alford, two and Bob Dirsch, seven weeks.

You couldn’t possibly get a more motley crew (unless it included Tommy Lee, and then at least you’d have Pamela Anderson Lee tagging along). Oh, you’d have to be a hard rock music fan to get that, so sorry to you “old timers” who had it go right over your heads. This rolling-stone-gathers-no-moss golf crew has some great and oftentimes funny golf stories to share. Just ask them; they’ll gladly open up. But for now one of Dwight’s Florida golf experience will have to do. Here goes…

Dwight and his wife Lolly were playing golf together when one of her drives came to rest next to an alligator. Being the intelligent Texas golfers that they are, they simply by-passed the ball and alligator and played the hole with another ball. However, upon turning back they watched as the golfer behind them hits the alligator over its head with a golf club and picks up Lolly’s ball. Dwight didn’t say if the gator-golfer returned Lolly’s ball or even if he could, but it must have been the 19th hole topic of conversation that day!

Anyway, I couldn’t think of a nicer, more professional group than our Pro Shop staff here at Robson Ranch, Denton! Make sure you let them know exactly that every time you go into their shack.