What we learned from the Living Well Neuropathy seminar

Marie Milleage

On October 5, Jason Meyer, chiropractor, explained that as we age our overall health can change and become chronic, long lasting and become complicated if left untreated. He added that every part of the body has peripheral nerves responsible for sending signals to the brain. Damage to these nerves can result in peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy, along with vision loss, circulation problems, heart problems and amputation, can be experienced by individuals with diabetes. Dr. Meyer discussed the seven signs of neuropathy, many of which are reported by patients: numbness, burning pain, cramping, prickling or tingling, sharp electrical pain, pain when walking and loss of sleep from foot pain. With a focus on peripheral neuropathy, Dr. Meyer’s slide illustrated how a person’s foot was affected and worsened over time.

Traditionally physicians have prescribed one or more medications to treat peripheral neuropathy pain, but medications do not prevent the progression of symptoms. As these symptoms intensify, drug dosages are often increased to a level that offers relief with the patient risking becoming dependent on the medication.

Alternatively, by developing an individualized treatment plan that combines nutrition, exercise and other therapies, a patient may gradually experience less pain and anxiety and not have the need for habit-forming drugs.

Working together, the medical team and the patient will realize goals planned to relieve symptoms and to manage the condition causing peripheral neuropathy.

DATCU credit union provided seminar refreshments and door prizes. Living Well seminars are free and open to Robson Ranch residents. For more information please contact Marie Milleage at milleagem@mygrande.net or view the website, www.rrlwc.com. Advanced registration is required.

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