Mama Jeanie speaks at Gun Club meeting


Dick Remski, Clay Targets Coordinator, RR Gun Club

On November 14 Jeanie Almond, aka “Mama Jeanie,” spoke to the general meeting of the Robson Ranch, Denton, Gun Club. Jeanie is a long time instructor in handguns and shotguns and is especially expert in teaching women to shoot properly. She covered her philosophy in teaching women and also discussed at length the Youth Target Foundation, which she founded. YTF is a 501(c)(3) organization set up to introduce high school boys and girls to the clay target sports. Since its founding about seven years ago, membership has grown to approximately 7,000 high school participants. Young folks participate as a club sport through their high schools and have a full calendar of competition, local, regional and at the state level. Jean is also president of DFW Clay Target Sports, located near Robson Ranch in the Roanoke area of Denton County east of Texas Motor Speedway. The facility was established primarily as a training facility for young shooters in trap, skeet and sporting clays and was opened to the public this past summer. It has become a regular shooting venue for the Clay Target group of the RR Gun Club. During her informal presentation Jeanie also recounted stories about her experiences in being asked, even by police officers, to help teach their wives and daughters to handle firearms properly, to shoot and to carry responsibly. She is a real treasure for us here in North Texas, and the RR Gun Club clays group has volunteered to help her with shooting events as pullers and scorekeepers. RR Gun Club members were also featured in a recent Lone Star Adventure news report on Fox 4 News! This will be a long partnership for all of us!