Material Girls check out the Texas Quilt Museum

Sandi Price

Twelve of the Material Girls group did an overnight trip to the Texas Quilt Museum, originated established in 2011. It is housed in two historic 1890s buildings and features more than 10,000 square feet in three galleries. Of special interest to the group was the Hollis Chatelain exhibition, “Stories from West Africa.” The exhibition included 30 – 50 portrait quilts of black West Africans. There were two other exhibits that were previous winners of IQA; “SAQA: “Season After Season,” and “World of Beauty”.

They spent the night in Georgetown and, of course, visited two quilt shops – Poppy Quilt & Sew shop who carried cork fabric and companion uncork fabric and PHD (Projects Half Done) quilt shop in Waco, who carried Aboriginal fabric. After a stop at the famous Collin Street Bakery, known for their fruitcakes, the ladies chowed down on cookies before they hit the road home in pouring down rain. Even with the rain though, it was a fun trip.