Memories, friends and rosé

Bernadette Fideli

Memorial Day began in 1868 as a solemn day to remember the 620,000 Americans who died in our nation’s civil tragedy. Today it is celebrated as a day to honor and recognize those young men and women who gave their lives protecting our everyday freedoms. Speeches, flag placing on graves, moments of silence, fly overs are all reminders of the day’s meaning and are all observed by Robson Ranch residents. The Wine Stewards celebrated this special day with a gathering at the home of Beverlee Deardorff. With co-host Kathy Perry, Beverlee greeted each guest with a special sparkling wine and Kathy led the members in a special silent moment to remember their friends and fellow comrades. Then the Robson effect emerged. The Wine Stewards recognize how great it is to be in this country and how special it is to have the feelings and benefits of friendship while living here. Feasting on barbeque, relaxing on the patio, members enjoyed a sampling of patio wines and camaraderie. Rosé wines became a special attraction. Family get-togethers are common on Memorial Day. Within Robson, family get-togethers have a different meaning. The Wine Stewards shared a special one on Memorial Day.