MGA 9 Membership Profiles in Discouragement Numero Tres

Denny with his California Classic ’32 Ford Roadster golf cart

Denny with his California Classic ’32 Ford Roadster golf cart

John Burkholder, 9MGA Communications

What do you get when you combine a Council Bluffs, Iowa upbringing, 50 years in wholesale paper and plastic products management, City Councilman and Mayor of Council Bluffs public service time, 40 years mastering golf evidenced by a one-time 18 handicap and a respectable current 24, a proud playing member of the RR Denton Feather Heads and the love of hanging with friends at Robson Ranch?

Let me tell you; you get one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet, know, hang with and just plain admire: Dennis (Denny) Anderson, that’s what! In just six years at the Ranch, Denny has established himself as the go-to guy for fun and golf, among many other great attributes. Ask Denny anything and his face lights up with friendliness and comedic shine. Go ahead, ask him about his first Member-Guest golf tournament experience at the Ranch. Discouragingly he’ll tell you his guest from Florida got sick and couldn’t play. He’ll finish by telling you he played as a single and even won some day money. How about that?

In my just over two years at the Ranch, and half that time since taking up golf after truly great instruction from Dave Bowles, principal, Lone Star Golf Academy, I’ve had the great pleasure and fun to play a couple of rounds with Denny. And up until most recently when I bought my own golf cart from Profiles in Discouragement Numero Uno, Jack Zastro, Denny let he hitch-hike a nine or two in his golf cart, sharing fun stories, golf wisdom and great times! Unfortunately now that I’m also a proud Wildhorse Golf Club personal golf cart owner, those special times with Denny will be limited to MGA9 2-to-a-cart golf days. But only if I’m lucky enough to be paired with Denny. But better some Denny than none at all!

Now, if you’re really lucky some day you might have an even better opportunity. Next time Denny just might be driving his California Classic ’32 Ford Roadster golf cart like he does in every July 4 RR Independence Day Parade. Wouldn’t it be great fun to ride a round of golf in real style with Denny in that cart?