Mid-South Pickleball double gold

The Robson Pickleball team recently returned from the Mid-South Regional Tournament. Sherril Kerr and Ford Roberson were double gold medalists in the men’s and women’s doubles events and partnered in the mixed doubles event. Sherril teamed up with Susan Goldstraw from the Houston area to capture the gold. Ford partnered with Bobby Roling of Russelville, Arkansas to win the men’s event. Kerr and Roberson have experienced success in previous events in tournaments in several states. The mixed gold was hard earned as the team had to defeat their doubles partners, Roling and Goldstraw, to get to the gold medal match. In the gold medal match the victory came in the tie breaking game to 15 against Rick Mendenhall of Houston and Christie Borne of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

In the men’s 65 event, Fred Thompson teamed with Chuck Flanagan from the Austin area for the bronze. In the men’s 60 event, Bob Romagosa partnered with Raymond Bennett from the Houston area to capture the bronze. In women’s 60 doubles, Barb Wise and Irene Romagosa lost a hard fought final match to win the silver.

The Mid-South Region consists of players from Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma. At this time Bob and Irene Romagosa and Fred and Char Thompson are representing the club at the Atlantic Regional Pickleball tournament being held in Portland, Maine.