Motorcycle Club heads straight to Hell’s Gate

Ready for the exhilaration of the road…

…and the relaxation of the water.

Scott Baker

We’re back with another super road trip that’s close enough to the DFW metroplex for a motorcycle overnighter. The RR Motorcycle Club headed out in mid-September to the area referred to as the “North Texas Hill Country” traveling along beautiful roads that zig-zagged along gently rolling hills and wooded stream crossings. Our ultimate destination, Possum Kingdom Lake, is one of the best kept secrets for North Texas motorcyclists lying just about 2.5 hours west of Denton.

The route was certainly a hidden gem providing both twisties and straight-aways and a diversity of scenery – plains, urban and rural areas, lakes, rivers and farmland with interesting small towns peppered in. Overall, the roads were good and well-maintained with plenty of wide areas on the shoulders to pull off if needed to take a break or take in the views!

An overnight was planned at Possum Kingdom Lake to allow ample time to enjoy this utopia for water sports and nature activities. Exchanging two-wheels for a hull, we ventured out on PK Lake on a rented pontoon boat with 310 miles of shoreline offering picturesque views of the surrounding cliffs. Nestled into the Palo Pinto Mountains on the northern end of the Brazos River, there are nearly 19,000 acres of clear, deep water to play in and plenty of places to launch and park our boat. Located at the southern end of the lake is a stunning break in the cliffs at the adjacent Devil’s Island. These majestic cliffs tower up to a stunning 90 feet and are appropriately named Hell’s Gate.

The Motorcycle Club enjoyed different perspectives of our landscape from both land and water. We experienced the excitement of maneuvering the twisting and turning roadways, while also slowing our pace as we meandered on the lake. Combining the two was the ultimate in exhilaration and relaxation.

Motorcycling is an engine for friendships shared by the RR Motorcycle Club. Come join the club on our monthly breakfast, lunch and dinner rides or pack a saddlebag for two- to five-day excursions. “Four wheels move the body…but two wheels move the soul.” For more information, contact Mike Conley, Dennis Dotson, Scott Baker or Stan Brein.