The Natural Choice – Doug’s Country Market

Judy Ondina, Living Well Committee

Reimagining American cuisine involved reviving a very old food-distribution system, the farmer’s market. Chefs, consumers, food producers and small farmers came together marketing to and buying directly from each other. The new farmer’s markets helped create a community of shared values around the quality of food. We are fortunate to have Doug’s Country Market available every Friday, 8-11 a.m., here at Robson Ranch.

Doug’s farming and ranching roots go way back. His father, Marvin, was known around town as Ponder’s right hand man, and Doug picked up many of his father’s traits by tagging along with him as soon as he could walk. His father owned the cotton gin and grain elevator in town, and he went to work with his dad every day. As early as 4 years old, Doug learned to drive a tractor so he could help his father at the grain elevator.

Farming and raising cattle was the leading trade in Ponder, and Doug learned how to do things the old fashioned way. His summers were spent mending fences, bailing hay and working cattle or hogs. Doug was taught to respect animals and treat them well. He learned how to create a healthy, sustainable food supply the right way and uses the same techniques today. It doesn’t hurt his feelings to be called “old fashioned.” He takes it as a compliment because he knows that’s what it takes to produce lean, clean foods for his family and yours.

When Doug isn’t out running the markets (Robson Ranch, Bartonville, and Harvest), he’s traveling throughout Texas to find the best all natural products. His dedication to finding high quality, all natural food items at an affordable price is what makes Doug’s Country Market a favorite in the Denton/Bartonville/Justin/Argyle area. Additionally, Doug does his research to ensure that he provides food products that are nutritious for folks who are in ill health. A new item he will bring to the Ranch are duck eggs. Through his research Doug found that they are higher in alkaline and Omega 3s, richer in flavor, great for baking and can be substituted for chicken eggs: one duck egg equals two chicken eggs.

Products you will find at Doug’s Country Market include fresh baked bread products, jams, jellies and sauces, grass fed beef, free range chicken and turkey, farm raised pork, farm raised lamb, fruits and veggies, a myriad of dairy products, homemade tamales made without lard or MSG, delectable salsas (mild to hot) and many other appealing edibles too numerous to list. Each Friday morning Doug, his wife Louise, daughter-in-law Patricia, along with high schoolers whom Doug is mentoring, can be found at Robson Ranch and Saturday at Bartonville or Harvest. Living Well Committee encourages you to check out their website to peruse their array of palatable products: Foodstuffs don’t come any fresher. Orders can be placed online or call them at 940-387-3323. Prices are competitive, especially considering the care in providing fresh and high quality products.