New author at Robson Ranch

Klaus Dannenberg

Robson Ranch added another new author to its list of published writers who are residents. Homeowner Klaus Dannenberg co-authored and published his first book in January, Honoring Aging Parents: How to Grow Up When Mom and Dad Grow Old. It is a practical guide to taking care of our aging parents based on the authors’ personal experiences in caregiving for their own family’s parents. Honoring Aging Parents helps anticipate and alleviate much emotional turmoil by providing real-life examples that stick in readers’ minds and helps understand normal responses of both caregivers and parents. It offers helpful counsel, real-life vignettes, useful resources and emotional support. Dannenberg and his co-author, Bruce Black, provide insights into many typical situations including the mix of emotions encountered, a financial assessment, a summary of options and prompts for tough conversations with both parents and siblings. They then discuss the transition into a caregiving role and the challenges created by dependent living, not just medical issues but the associated emotional roller coaster. They also confront tough subjects like the loss of a parent’s mental faculties and preparing for the end. In hindsight they relate the unexpected growth and contentment discovered throughout this process. It was Amazon’s No. 1 New Release in the aging parents category at the end of January.