Once a fighter pilot, always a fighter pilot

Don Pooley

I’m sure you’ve seen Jim Gregg flying around Robson Ranch on his red scooter. At 88 years of age Jim has a lifetime of piloting different types of flying machines. He began as a pilot in the US Air Force during the Korean War flying the F-86 Sabre jet fighter. After the Air Force, Jim joined Delta Airlines as a pilot for over 33 years, the last 25 as a Delta Captain. During his last ten years at Delta, Jim flew the L1011 out of DFW. Having flown Delta for over 35 years myself as an IT consultant, I can’t help wondering how many times I might have flown on a L1011 with Jim as the captain. If you see Jim flying around on his scooter at the Ranch, make sure and honk and say hi. Who knows, you too might have flown with Jim before.