An open letter from the president of the Woodworking Club

David Basham, President of the Robson Ranch Woodworkers

David Basham, President of the Robson Ranch Woodworkers

David Bassham

Most anyone you ask will likely agree that Robson Ranch is a great place to live, and one of the main reasons they will cite would be the large variety of activities available to us. Many of us have lifelong hobbies that we are able to continue to pursue and share with others. Some of us want to try new things.

The Woodworking Club is a great example. Our members have interests that cover the whole spectrum of woodworking such as household repairs and remodeling as well as making bowls, boxes, furniture and accessories, pens, cutting boards, toys, guitars and ukuleles, plus hand and machine woodcarving. If you want to learn how to make something from wood we have someone who can show you how.

Over the last few years we have added several new pieces of equipment to the shop that increase the capabilities and provide our members the opportunity to explore new areas in woodworking. In particular the addition of the CNC machine, which is essentially a computer controlled router, has sparked considerable interest among our members.

One of the other things that tend to help engage our membership is the occasional charity projects we take on. Last year we made “Beads of Courage” Boxes for the Children’s Hospital and Lending Library Boxes for the United Way. This year we made Memory Boxes for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital, and we are about to begin building Planter Boxes for a project the United Way is doing in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. Of course we still find time to build the occasional piece of furniture or repair a damaged family heirloom for one of our neighbors.

As president of the Woodworking Club I have two clear long-term objectives. The first is to continue to grow the membership of the club, and the second is to keep the craft of woodworking alive. Utilizing the vast amount of talent among our members to spread that knowledge to others who have the interest in learning is the method to accomplish that second objective.

So if you are interested in woodworking, come on by and take a tour of the shop.