Party Pants Couples Golf Scramble

Dave Parker

There are serious golf groups at Robson Ranch, and then there is the Party Pants Couples Golf Scramble group (PPCGS). This group is all about having the most fun possible for nine holes of golf. Members dress up, joke and enjoy a light-hearted game of golf. Tracey and Steve Kucharski, the founding couple of PPCGS, provide the format and pairings for each month for the group. The May get together had “pre-swing lube” furnished by Charlsee and Kawika Cotner and Vickie and Dan Shoemaker. The “pre-swing lube” definitely loosened up the group before they teed off on the first hole. Hole number three was designated the “what hole.” This involved all members wearing crazy glasses that made you see about eight different balls as you putt. This month Jack Odom was voted best dressed with colored hair and flamingo shorts and socks. The Party Pants Couples Golf Scramble group meets on Saturday afternoons. Look for a crazy looking group of characters having a great time on the course!