Pet of the Month


Maggie is owned by Ed and Mary Ahrens who live on Sarasota. “Princess” Maggie is a 22-month old tri-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Being very true to her breed, she is a loving, affectionate, carefree companion who loves a lap to sit on. Maggie has become quite well known around the Sarasota and Ed Robson intersection because of her frequent walks each day with her Papa Ed. Just like people check Facebook often, Maggie has her own social media that she checks every day. It is her daily duty to check the light pole at the corner of Sarasota to smell all the canine “postings” her fellow Robson canine friends have left, a typical form of doggy communication.

Maggie’s favorite activity besides going for a walk and going to the dog park is selecting toys from her oversized toy bin to initiate a play session. For a smart dog she never has figured out that she is supposed to put the toys back in the bucket or else her owners are just not smart enough to train her to do so.

While Maggie is not much of a meal eater, she is certainly interested in treats. She gets a treat each night at 8:00 which rotates nightly around various healthy dental chews. She must love them because she starts lobbying an hour ahead of time like a politician to see if she can get one of her owners to cave in to her wishes. She has perfected the pathetic stare. While some may consider “Princess” Maggie to be spoiled, we prefer to say that we have just found ways to accommodate her every need.