Pickleball Carnival Y’all

Susan Parker

Everything is bigger in Texas and Robson Ranch! The recently held Pickleball Carnival was the largest sporting event held at the Ranch with close to 200 in attendance. Comments ranged from “What a great time” to “Well run event with great prizes.” All enjoyed appetizers, desserts, snacks and a good time!

The door prizes set a record with a value of over $3,000. Event goers participated in eight different carnival games ranging from bouncing a ball on a paddle to serving a ball into a square. New players were introduced to the sport and shared courts with experienced players for enjoyable play. All of the tennis and pickleball facilities were used to provide 16 courts for entertainment and fun.

Raffle tickets were earned during the carnival games and open play. Tickets were deposited into boxes associated with each prize. Winners were drawn at the end of the carnival. Over 100 prizes were provided to winners ranging in value from $5 to $200. The following folks won prizes with a value of $25 or more: John Humphries, Mike Conley, Barry Rimler, Judy Day, Susan Michelsen, Janelle Roth, Charley Cotner, Tom Burke, Kay Miller, Ron Gobelli, Dick Schwartz, Warren Williamson, Mike Lock, Jimmy Burns, Bill Wise, Elaine Barnett, Mary Alice Benton, Paula Monroe, Lee Burke, Ginny Mitchell, Jan Goodwin, Charlotte Rivera, Elson Reynolds, Alice Wright, Dan Lipperman, Nancy Neal, Jane Toller, Karolyn Nelson, Sandy Welch, Patti Gobelli, Lore Carr, Debra Allen, Fred Monroe, Glen Kuykendall, Susan Schwartz, Carla Haugaard, Paco Rivera, Mike Melo and Larry Nortunen.

Thanks to the following businesses for their donations. Please patronize these businesses whenever possible. They are Pickleball Rocks, Taco Cabana, Garay Landscaping, Paradise Liquors, Justin Barber Shop, Robson Ranch Sales Office, Academy Sports, Davanti Salon, Kroger on FM 407, Robson Ranch Golf Pro Shop. Thank you to Craig Bell and the Bent Tree Country Club and District Ambassador Charlotte Rivera for use of eight portable nets.

Thanks to the following club members for their generous donations: Fred and Char Thompson, Jim Lafferty, Ford Roberson, Katie Brown, Barb and Bill Wise, Bob and Irene Romagosa, Patrick Claytor, Larry Dietrich, Patti Gobelli, Larry and Cathy Harden, Ken Huff, Sherril Kerr, Larry Nortunen, Jim Propes, Pat and Mike Sabo, Gary San Miguel and Warren Williamson.

And of course a very special thanks to the Tennis Club for allowing us the use of the tennis courts. The carnival would not be possible without their generosity.

And finally, thanks to these individuals that planned and worked such a great event: Katie Brown, Shirley and Mike Waterhouse, Jim and Ginny Mitchell, Bob Romagosa, Ford Roberson, Warren Williamson, Tom Burke, Bill Wise, Lou Gillilan, Susan and Dave Parker, Susan Hebert, Jim Lafferty, Fred and Char Thompson, Charlotte and Carl Caruso, Connie Bjella and Greg Pettis, Ron and Patti Gobelli, Dale Hill, Mike and Suzanne Franke, Randy Hatcher, Tim Battle, Pat Powers and Randy Johnston.

A pickleball good time was had by all!