Prison and Pearls party

Gayle Coe

Several members of the Road Runners Travel Club went on the Celebrity Pacific Coastal Cruise in June. Two of those travelers were Gayle Coe and Peggy Crandell. One of the cruise excursions was to the famous Alcatraz prison island.

An excellent tour was provided and Gayle and Peggy purchased unique items in the Alcatraz Gift Shop. With their purchases in hand, a great idea for a party was born. How about a “Prison and Pearls” party!

Margaretha Kortschak, Ruby Wilson, Sally Baggott, Mary Ann Carroll, Sharon Foy, Jan Utzman, Joan Krause, Nancy Garre, Carol Cieslik and Judy Ondina were invited for an evening of food, wine and fun!

The item purchased in the gift shop was the Alcatraz Women’s Club Cook Book. All the recipes for the evening’s meal came from this unique culinary encyclopedia; chicken spaghetti, California slaw, pineapple and carrot salad, applesauce cake and rice pudding. But that’s not all…as party favors were a must, when the guests arrived, each guest was surprised with their very own ensemble of a black and white striped prison hat, a string of pearls and their own copy of the Alcatraz Women’s Club Cook Book.

The evening’s festivities followed and a great time was had by all. When the chicken spaghetti was served, memories were shared of our mothers making this dish for family reunions, church suppers and other events which included feeding a lot of people. The pineapple carrot salad brought back memories of jello molds and maraschino cherries. The applesauce cake was paired with a lovely Rose’ wine from the Pacific wine country. Who knew when the Alcatraz Women’s Club shared their recipes in the 1950s, they would be paired with wonderful wine from the Pacific wine country region. Everyone had a wonderful time and another fun memory was created with our friends at Robson Ranch! Bon Appetit!