Rangers Rootin’ Road Runners

Phyllis Ayers

The Road Runners traveled to the Rangers stadium on Wednesday, September 21, for a very exciting baseball game. The Rangers were trying to clinch the division, which would put them on the road to the World Series. If The Astros had lost their game the Ranchers would have been in, but the Astros won. So The Ranchers would have to clinch another day. We all wanted our team to win this evening.

We had a full bus of fans going to the stadium with tickets for the all-you-can-eat buffet. The seats were terrific, and everyone ate and cheered on the Rangers. The pre-game ceremonies held a surprise for all of us when Lee Greenwood belted out not only the National Anthem, but he sang Proud To Be An American. We all sang along with him and cheered when he threw out the first pitch.

The Rangers had a rough inning in the fifth, which allowed five runs. Our hearts sank. But our guys came back and brought the score within one run. In the ninth inning we had men on base but just couldn’t bring anyone home. We were sad, but we all had a wonderful time at the ballpark. The Rangers did clinch the division so we are all looking forward to the playoffs.