Republican Candidate Forum Meeting Highlights

Amy Enloe and Paul Vicalvi

The January meetings (Jan. 8 and 9) of the Robson Ranch Republican Club were  rousing and well attended, with Republican candidates for United States House of Representatives as well as candidates for the Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3, District Judge in the 431st Judicial District, Denton County Sheriff and Constable, Place 4. Excellent, pertinent questions were asked of each candidate which allowed all who attended to get a greater understanding of who they should vote for in the Republican primary. Several observations were made at the conclusion of each meeting. We have some excellent, well-qualified candidates running for each position and the meetings were well run with respect and courtesy both in the audience and among the candidates. Robson Ranch voters are a well-respected group in not only Denton County but in Texas politics.

And just a reminder — the March 3 primary election is upon us! It is too late to register to vote in the primary, but it’s important to be registered in time for the city election in May, not to mention the November national elections. If you have moved from out of state or from outside of Denton County, you must register to vote. Even if you’ve moved within the county you must update your address. We’ve made it easy to register! Stop by our table in the clubhouse any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 9 a.m.-11 a.m. and someone will be there with applications. Already registered? Feel free to stop by just to say hello!