Road Runners head south to the other American continent

Road Runners fulfill their dream and discover South America.

Road Runners fulfill their dream and discover South America.

Peggy Crandell-Duff

Santiago greeted 33 Road Runners for our stopover before we boarded our ship in Valparaiso. Six ports plus the Strait of Magellan and Cape Horn were on our itinerary ending in Buenos Aires.

One cannot travel to South America without seeing the national bird, the penguin. Punta Tombo Rookery has one million Magellanic Penguins in residence. Walking along a mile-long path through their “homes/nests,” we viewed the snappy-looking birds hatching eggs and raising their chicks in nationally protected areas. Penguins were in the water, some in nests and some just wandering around. Penguins have the right-of-way over humans to cross the walking paths to the sea to fish; the spectators stand still and let them pass. The motto is “respect the penguins.”

Ushuaia, one of our most beautiful stops, is at the “end of the world” surrounded by lakes, jagged mountain peaks and crowned with rugged national forest. We took a narrow gauge train through the park and heard the sorrowful history of the town. Ushuaia was originally settled by hardened criminals sent to prison there and forced into slave labor. The prison is now a bed and breakfast, ending that part of their history.

While in Ushuaia we walked the hilly, quaint streets to find Freddy’s for its legendary seafood. Our reward for our long search was a huge crab feast to die for.

Have you ever wanted to Tango? Sixteen Road Runners Tangoed to the motor coach after a fantastic show in Buenos Aires. At El Querandi Restaurante we experienced the history and heat of the dance and incredible live Argentine music.

Who knew we had performers in our group, both willing and unwilling. Two gals proved their skill “singing song snippets” against a field of six. Joyce Ambre was second runner up with Consie Javor tying for first.

Not-so-willing Cindy Bass and Jan Wallace were coaxed to dance with the ship’s crew and performers. Their performance was unusual but enthusiastic. The good news is neither had a heart attack on stage.

During a wine tasting and Tango performance at Quantico Winery in Montevideo, Peggy Crandell was pulled onto the floor to Tango with the professional dancer. The best she could say when asked later at cocktails how she did was, “Well I didn’t fall down.”

When a performer needed a lady to sing to, we unanimously sent Cindy Bass. Cindy, instead of being the shy wallflower, floated around the singer doing her thing. Resounding applause echoed throughout the theater.

Many of our people jumped onto the dance floor at The Estancia La Mimosas to strut their stuff with the gauchos and senoritas dancing the Argentine folk dances.

Our group was highly skilled at heckling our cruise director, Alejandro. Each night the Texans were singled out with funny retorts from Alejandro. We were well known by the end of the cruise. Imagine that!

Another marvelous Road Runner trip shared by many Robson residents! Go onto to see what great trips are coming up.