Road Runners mix it up in McKinney

Jan Wallace

A sunny day, a new bus, knowledgeable tour director and fun people made our trip to McKinney very special! Our first stop was Eden Hill Winery near Celina. It was a gem sitting in some rolling plains with vines just starting to bud. The owner gave a wonderful demonstration of the grafting process and the woes of growing grapes in Texas. They have been remarkably successful with several gold awards. Interestingly enough the man who saved the French vines lived about 20 miles from Celina. We left happy!

The Chamber of Commerce met us in McKinney and gave us maps and a brief overview. We were given some wonderful choices for lunch around the square. We all had great experiences and tasty food. The square has some interesting shops including two designer shops that were fabulous, of course, with lots of cute clothes, shoes etc.

Our next stop was Tubb’s Brewery where a couple of locals quit their high-tech jobs and decided to make beer. It’s only been a few years and they have about 10 types of craft beer. Many of us had a new experience being served a flight of five beers; that is a lot! There was a bike group there and soulful western music by a local guitarist, and the warehouse was rocking!

We had one more wine stop at Lone Star Cellars just off the square. It is a pleasant place to while away some time and rest up from shopping. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Of course in our group we had more shoppers taking off until departure time. There were some interesting items that came back on the bus with us.

The group was very quiet heading back to Robson with some snoozing going on as usual. It was a fun outing.

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