The Robson Library continues to grow

Linda Terry

The Robson Library continues to grow. The newest addition to the computer area is a MAC donated by Tim Battle. The computers receive frequent use. Where else would we go when our laptops or printers go down?

The Denton Library event, sponsored by the Robson Library Board, occurred during cold winter weather but 50 attendees made the trek to learn about ereaders, downloading free library materials, and registering for or renewing city library cards. Ereader help and library cards will again be available on Friday, April 13, from 10:00 a.m.–noon when the Denton South Branch Library sends their librarians to our Robson library.

There are a number of Robson residents who write. Watch for a call for Robson authors to participate in a Robson Authors event. It’s time to place the spotlight on our resident authors!