Robson Ranch Catholic Club

Amanda McGowan

Amanda McGowan

Irene Manning

Robson Ranch Catholic Club met on February 14 at the very lovely home of Margaretha Kortschak. John Goodpaster opened the meeting with a prayer and then introduced the guest speaker, Amanda McGowan.

Miss McGowan is the Director of Middle School Youth Ministry at St. Mark Catholic Church. Amanda related a little of her background and how as a freshman in high school she suffered from depression. She noticed when she met Catholics who were involved Catholics how there seemed to be something special about them. The Catholics she encountered seemed to be really happy, and she wanted that. Her family was Catholic but not really practicing, so she got more and more involved in the Faith. She graduated from Texas A&M where they had a very active Catholic community. After graduation she applied for a job as the High School Catholic Youth Minister at St. Mark, and although she did not get that position Fr. George asked if she would be interested in taking the position as Director of Middle School Youth Ministry. Amanda was thrilled to get the position. Everyone was very impressed with Amanda’s maturity and knowledge. Amanda kept saying she just loved her job, and the young people whom she worked with and we believed that her students loved her. We spent a short time with questions and answers.

Marge Lane reminded everyone of the baby shower that would be held at the Loreto House on March 4 at 1:00 p.m. The baby shower was to supply a mother who is expecting a baby girl with necessary items. Members could donate baby items or donate money to purchase some of the larger items.

The meeting just happened to fall on Valentine’s Day so there were many goodies for refreshments, and we enjoyed socializing after the meeting. It was a fun and informative evening.