Robson Ranch Choir warms up for new season

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Community Choir is about to rev up their engines and warm up their vocal cords readying themselves to start singing again after their break. On July 29, they had their annual mixer, where old and new prospects gather to kick off the new season. It is always a great time seeing each other again, getting caught up, welcoming possible newbies and finding out what is in store for the coming year. Auditions for new members were held right after the get together by Choir Director Arturo Ortega. Choir members will be picking up their music in the clubhouse from 9:00-11:00 a.m. on August 12 and rehearsals will then begin on the 26th in the clubhouse from 5:30–7:30 p.m. They will be preparing for the celebrated Veterans Day Concert on November 11. Soon after that concert will be the much-anticipated holiday treat, the Christmas concerts on December 21 and 22. All are eager to get back to it.

The choir was reminded that once again they will be participating in the North Texas Giving Day on September 19, 2019. For those who are not aware of this organization, simply put, it is a North Texas Charity event that empowers every person to give to their community. It is the largest community giving event in the nation. It is one day in the year chosen for family and friends of a certain organization to give and show their support of that organization. The Robson Ranch Choir is indeed a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) and relies on the generosity of others to continuously provide the community with a quality product each performance. So, if you or someone you know would like to contribute to NTGD for the Robson Choir (no amount to small) information can be found on the website While on the website, look at all the other events the choir has coming up. Scaryoke, a Robson favorite, will be on October 25, followed by, as mentioned earlier, by the Veteran’s Day concert on November 11. Just a few short weeks after that, the Christmas concerts on December 21 and 22, and then the New Year’s Eve dinner/dance. With all being said rest assured Director Arturo Ortega will run the members threw the treble and over the clef right into the notes and the words of great songs, all with the sole purpose of giving the Robson Community a heartfelt quality performance. They are excited and ready to start again, engines revving. As much as the community enjoys receiving these concerts, be assured the choir receives the same joy back in the giving. So, see all you folks at our first concert of the new season, November 11, and as always check out the website,, for all our upcoming events.