Robson Ranch Garden Club happenings

Members took advantage of the “plant exchange.”

Members took advantage of the “plant exchange.”

Barbara Anderson

The Robson Ranch Garden Club meeting on Monday morning, May 15, had a full agenda and was fun too!

Peggy Backesof, the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers for the program year 2017-2018 and there followed the election of the slate by acclamation. We look forward to the leadership of the following: Mary Ann Rich, president; Theresa Peoples and Lori Slocum will be co-vice presidents and program chairs; Carole DiQuollo, secretary; and Geils Hegranes, treasurer. The membership chair is an appointed position, and Barbara Warren will hold that position for another year. This is a great team, and they will officially begin on September 1, 2017. We would certainly like to thank Peggy Backes, Theresa Peoples and Lori Slocum for serving on the nominating committee. Job well done!

Following the serious election the fun began. After an absence of a year the plant exchange for members took place. Actually “exchange” is not the correct word because one need not bring a plant to take a plant. Those who contribute plants from their maturing gardens often bring from six to 10 or more plants, so there is more than enough to get everyone out in their gardens after the meeting. Using old time raffle prize tickets, numbers were called, and the lucky ones were able to come forward and take their pick. Only those with full gardens went home empty-handed, by choice!

Now comes our summer break: no meetings in June, July and August.

We already look forward to our first meeting of the program year on Monday, September 18, 10:30 a.m. in the Lone Star Room. Look for the announcement of the meeting on your computers and in the Pioneer Press.

Dues are $10 per year per household and will be payable in September and following months.

Newcomers to Robson Ranch are especially encouraged to learn about gardening in Texas through the Garden Club. Gardening is different here and not always easy! Heat, drought and too much rain at the wrong time can be a challenge to plants not suited to this area and soil. We always suggest native heat and drought tolerant plants. They usually are “happy” here and save on watering costs too!

See you in September! In the meantime, stay cool!