Robson Ranch Kiwanis Club enjoys K-Kids presentation

Catherine Jenkins

Robson Ranch Kiwanis Club enjoyed a year-in-review slideshow presentation by Michelle Lynn, librarian and co-sponsor of Evers Park Elementary School K-Kids Club supported by the Robson Ranch Kiwanis Club. Along with Hailey Caraway, the school guidance counselor, Ms Lynn organizes service projects for the 100-plus young K-Kids members at their school. Members of the local Kiwanis Club help out at those preschool meetings twice each month. Six darling K-Club members accompanied their sponsor to tell what they had enjoyed doing this year.

K-Kids members mentioned that they had a campus indoor and outdoor clean-up to start the school year. They made teacher appreciation signs and balloons; members hosted a thank you cards and cookies party for firemen, police, churches and service groups who donate time and resources to Evers Park School. Members also wrote thank you notes to people in the armed services. The children made colorful placemats to brighten Christmas morning breakfasts at the Denton State School. They wrote encouraging notes and hid them with a piece of candy about the school during Random Acts of Kindness Week. They ran a school-wide canned food drive for the food pantry. They planted seeds and tried new fruits and vegetables to promote healthy eating. But best of all, reported one K-Kid with an impish grin, was the end of the year party.

The kids are learning service and leadership while having fun. Many new and exciting projects are planned for next year. The members of the Robson Ranch Kiwanis Club are looking forward to working with the next generation of community helpers again in the fall.