Robson Ranch Potluck Club 2019 membership info

The Robson Ranch Potluck Club is open to all residents of Robson Ranch, including couples and singles, owners and renters. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends in a very relaxed atmosphere. We schedule groups of six to ten people for meals four times during the year. The exact date is decided by the host – who will suggest the meal be either brunch, lunch or dinner.

Members are required to host just once a year. Time frames are January/February, March/April, August/September and October/November. On Flag Day, June 14, each year we schedule our “Safari Dinner” which allows for our total membership to participate in a Progressive Dinner here at The Ranch. Complete a membership form and let us know when during the year hosting is preferred. If there isn’t a preference, indicate “anytime” on the form.

Also, please indicate whether you are able to host six, eight, ten or could even accommodate more in your home. The host provides the main entree and beverages. Your guests provide a dish to share with the group (either an appetizer, salad/vegetables or dessert). These are all coordinated with your host. Guests may bring their own beverages, should they desire to do so. The host will provide water, tea and coffee.

The yearly membership fee is $5 per household which defrays the cost of paper, mailing and other club expenses. If you have any questions please give us a call (see below).

We invite new members to join us anytime of the year. To join please fill out the application (available on the Robson website under Activities/Announcements, Clubs, Potluck Club) and deliver or mail it with a check for $5 payable to RR Potluck Club, to Bernadette Fideli, Treasurer, 10516 Downing Drive.

Your 2019 Potluck Club officers are Phyllis Ayers, president 940-262-3009 [email protected]; Joyce Frey, vice-president 940-262-1314 [email protected]; Bernadette Fideli, treasurer 940-262-0123 [email protected]; Bert Zeitlin 940-262-0477 [email protected]; Vicki Baker 469-544-6124 [email protected] and Donna French 940-262-3419
[email protected]