Robson Ranch: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Mark Kuxhause and Stan Brein

Mark Kuxhause and Stan Brein

Mark Kuxhause and Stan Brein checked out a new motorcycle accessory shop.

Mark Kuxhause and Stan Brein checked out a new motorcycle accessory shop.

Stan Brein

Large group rides are wonderful events. A gathering of 10 to 30 riders makes for an impressive presence and a great chance for adventure and fellowship. While the logistics of such a ride are challenging, the rewards are great. It often turns out that the Robson Rider members are so busy and involved in multiple activities that it is rare we get such a large turnout. Planning for this type of ride is on the horizon, but in the meantime a series of mini rides has kept many group members on the road.

Mark Kuxhause, Stan Brein and Mark’s son-in-law meandered northwest up to Saint Joe on Thursday, March 17. Lunch (meals are always a part of riding) was on the square at the Lazy Heart Grill, which bills itself as “an upscale dining experience and western atmosphere.” The food was very good!

On Sunday, March 19, Larry Hampton, Joseph Ace and Martin Munoz had great weather on their jaunt to Yesterday’s Diner in Bridgeport. The guys also reported good food and riding 380 over the lake is always fun.

Joseph, Larry and a few others then took off to Graham, Texas on March 23. Graham claims one of the larger town squares in the area, which includes The National Theater, an historic landmark. They also have a drive–in theater. Unable to make this ride, Mark Kuxhause and Stan Brein checked out a new motorcycle accessory shop on the same day. Rider2Rider, at 2305 S State Highway 121, Ste. 200 in Lewisville carries a great selection of clothing and accessories. Check them out at

Finally, Stan caught up with Mike Kowalski and Greg McGhee at American Eagle Harley Davidson for some Saturday fun on March 25. Willy Sullivan, the owner, is always putting together an interesting array of entertainment and activities for the riders. On this day a Pomeranian Rescue Group was garnering interest in adoption. Seeing the bikers playing with the Poms was a treat. As a bonus Greg had his new helmet adorned with custom graphics by Nolan of Dallas ( Great job!

From here out there will be many more riders on the road. Aerostitch, the makers of fine riding wear and rider accessories, has put out five spring riding tips. They are applicable to our bicycle-riding friends also!

1. Practice – Turns, quick stops, obstacle avoidance, etc. Increased frequency means improved fluency,

2. Scan the Road – Re-learn situational awareness, how to see ahead, close and far and to both sides. Notice residual sand and gravel, fresh potholes, winter roadway damage and icy spots in shaded places.

3. Pressure – Check tire pressure for proper inflation. There has always been a loss from last fall.

4. Be Seen – Myopic, catatonic, somnolent motorists need a while to adjust to seeing motorcyclists again. Be as visible as possible.

5. Gear Up – Wear appropriate gear for protection against the elements and unplanned get-offs.

That’s it for now.

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!