Robson Ranch Women’s Club members learn to read faces

New members join RR Women’s Club

New members join RR Women’s Club

Susan Knopick

Robson Ranch Women’s Club members, more than 400 strong, now know how to read faces. So beware! Sandra Moore Williams taught them how to do this at the August luncheon.

Wide-set eyes mean that you are permissive, relaxed, easy-going and tolerant with a long fuse for putting up with things. However, if your eyes are close-set you have a low tolerance, you cannot really relax, details are very important to you and you do not want your time wasted.

Darla Mahan, Women’s Club President, and Althea Parent, Activities Coordinator here at Robson Ranch, were kind enough to let Ms. Williams read their faces at the luncheon.

You can learn more about Ms. Williams on her website: There she reads the faces of many famous people, which is a fun read, and explains how she professionally got into the business of gaining insights into what makes people tick. She’ll also provide “a face reading cheat sheet” if you request it.

So if you have large eyelids, you are a bottom line person, matter-of-fact and to the point. You do not whine, you just get things done. With no eyelids, your personality is to be a prober. You want all details before making a decision, and you likely answer a question with a question. A wide face makes you bold, a narrow face cautious. And a low forehead means you are practical while a high forehead means you are curious.

Your Women’s Club donated $510 to Friends of the Family and numerous backpacks stuffed with school supplies for local kids in need. Please make sure to mark your calendar for October 8, the date of the very popular Women’s Club annual Christmas Market at Robson Ranch. More information on our website: The next Robson Ranch Women’s Club Social is scheduled for September 21 at the Grill, 3:00-5:00 p.m.