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Author and TV personality Susannah Charleson with her dogs

Author and TV personality Susannah Charleson with her dogs

Tanya Jones

Woof! Woof! The dog lovers among the 384 women in the Robson Ranch Women’s Club got a special treat at the April club luncheon meeting as Susannah Charleson, a prolific author and TV personality, regaled us all about her adventures, first developing a loving partnership with a search and rescue dog and then detailing how dogs rescued from pounds are being trained to do therapy work with the disabled and others in need of help.

Ms. Charleson is the author of two very well reviewed books, the first, Scent of the Missing, about how she became interested in dogs used in search and rescue missions and how she worked to train a Golden Retriever, Puzzle, for rescue work in many parts of our country. The second, The Possibility Dogs, explains how canines that society is about to throw away can be trained to offer hope and healing, therapy, comfort and service to those in need. Visit her website at to learn more about her very interesting life.

The Dallas author is a wonderful storyteller and even those in the audience who might prefer cats, goldfish or parakeets still had an excellent lunch with a wonderful personality treating us to her warm, witty and powerful tales.

The women of Robson Ranch contributed $464 to the Friends of Family charity. Please remember the upcoming Art, Wine and Cheese Charity Event scheduled for June 11. Tickets are $25 and rise to $30 if purchased after May 31. Also save the date for our annual Christmas Market on October 8. The club’s next social mixer is on June 15 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

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