Robson Riders Motorcycle Club: Combining Holiday Fun with the Holiday Spirit

Stan Brein

During this festive time of the year we all enjoy celebrating friends, family, and good fortune. The Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club Holiday Party was our way of combining this in one end-of-year event. The planning committee did an exceptional job working with Chuy’s in Denton to secure their private room so we could frolic. About 25 members joined in the fun. Great fun and fellowship prevailed. We began with ample appetizer trays provided by the club. From the beginning to the end we were entertained with a great slide show, once again presented by Baker Productions. Wow! The places we’ve been and the things we’ve done. The spectacular view from Vicki Baker’s pillion was breathtaking. Even those who were on these rides enjoyed the fresh perspective. After enjoying the great menu offerings, we proceeded with the highlight of the evening, the white elephant gift exchange and pilferage. Some members played it straight; some played it safe; many threw caution to the wind. Candy was popular. The wines changed hands many times. One member had the audacity to contribute the gift he had received the year before. (Interviewed afterward he said he just wanted to share the joy it had brought to him with other members!) And a set of motorcycle pipes is bound to compliment any rider’s living room décor!

But the highlight of the evening was the continuation of the club’s tradition of contributing gift cards for the Denton Independent School District’s Department of Social Services. These will be given to Department Coordinator Barb Haflich to distribute to families for the difficult “after the holidays” period. This year we collected $540 in cards. Thank you, fellow club members!

To end the year on a high “note”, a few members posed an intriguing question. What do you do with a trailer for a Can Am Spyder motorcycle when you are not hauling the bike in it? Why, you deploy it as a mobile holiday caroling vehicle of course. Vicki Baker, Scott Baker, Marti Conley, Mike Conley, Cherlyn Conway, Bob Conway, Art Lozano, Renee Lozano, and Donna Henry gathered to spread Christmas cheer to our wonderful community. Fueled initially by great chili provided by Baker Catering, they got loaded in the Can Am sleigh, tanked up on hot chocolate and cookies, and went caroling all the way. Plowing their way through the traditional good songbooks and music, they surprised the neighbors with We Wish You A Merry Christmas coming down the road. The Robson Motorcycle Club sure has got talent! What a way to end the year.

See you on the road in 2020!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down.