Robson Riders: Riding and Giving

The Robson Riders at the Coats for Kids Ride

The Robson Riders at the Coats for Kids Ride

Stan Brein

Motorcyclists are a caring and giving lot. They use their organizational structures, i.e., motorcycle clubs, to promote good, help the needy, support the downfallen and back those who put their lives on the line for all of us every day. This is especially true when it comes to children and children in need. Organizations and activities such as BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse), the Ride for Kids (pediatric tumor research) and various Toy Runs contribute countless hours to protecting, supporting and encouraging those who have had a rough go of it.

An organized charitable ride is the typical way motorcyclists provide charitable support. One or more groups will organize a ride to support a particular charity, cause or organization. Participants pay a fee (or a toy, food item, article of clothing) to enter, and a short ride is planned. This culminates in a gathering at a motorcycle shop or restaurant for friendship, food, fellowship and fun. You may have seen one of these gatherings or been in stopped traffic while law enforcement allows the bikes to pass uninterrupted. It is a magnificent spectacle or a major annoyance depending on your perspective.

To welcome in the holiday season the Robson Riders Motorcycle Club participated in the Denton County Coats for Kids Ride on November 20. Rick Hales brought this event to our attention. The ride is co-sponsored by the two largest motorcycle dealerships in the area, Cycle Center of Denton and American Eagle Harley Davidson. What-A-Burger of Denton and the law firm of Sawko and Burroughs were also major underwriters. The purpose of the ride is to collect new coats for school children, from pre-schoolers to high schoolers, in Denton County. The level of poverty and homelessness in our community is higher than we might suspect and often hidden from view. Many of these children have never had the pleasure of receiving a new clothing item. The Coats for Kids Ride is one way to make an impact.

Ten bikers and four passengers from the Ranch gathered at the Clubhouse to participate. Rick Hales, LT Bryant, Mike Conley, Larry Hampton, Andy Cartwright, Andy McConnell, Mark Kuxhause, Charlie Alday, Martin Munoz and Stan Brein brought their trusty iron steeds. Mary Bryant and Marti Conley rode as passengers with their spouses, while Yvonne Hales volunteered to ride chase with Joyce Brein riding shotgun. We gathered at Cycle Center of Denton to drop off the coats and enjoy some refreshments, door prizes and listen to music. We also witnessed some of the group purchasing a motorcycle farkle or two! The volunteers did a wonderful job of organizing and lining up over 1,000 bikes to ready them for the ride.

Under the supervision of the Denton Police Department, Denton County Sheriff’s Office and the Corinth Police Department we made our way south on HW 377, west on FM 407, north on IH 35W and south on IH 35 south to American Eagle Harley Davidson. The skill of the law enforcement folks in securing entrances and exits and shepherding the ride ensured our safe arrival. Truly impressive!

More food, fellowship, frolic and stimulation of the economy followed. Altogether over 1,800 coats were collected with more coming in daily. Thanks to the Riders and the contributions of our Robson neighbors we transported about 50 coats on the bikes and in Yvonne’s SUV. At once both impressive and humbling.

We know that Robson is a charitable community with many organizations that support worthy causes. The Robson Riders salute you, and we are glad to contribute. The Robson Riders will be part of the Coats for Kids Ride planning for next year with Stan Brein joining the organizing team.

A safe and joyous holiday season to all of you!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!