Robson Riders: riding in the heat, but the eating can’t be beat

The Robson Riders

The Robson Riders

Stan Brein

Well, it’s officially summer. June 21, 12:24 a.m. CDT to be exact, was when the Farmer’s Almanac says that summer arrived. But those of us who were here know that the heat was turned up much earlier in the spring. Ah, Texas! For motorcyclists this complicates matters and affects the recreational riding schedule. It’s less fun to ride in 100 degree weather, the antithesis of why we ride. Additionally matters of appropriate clothing, protection and staying hydrated require thought and planning. The Robson Riders moved to breakfast and dinner runs over the summer in order to avoid the mid-day heat.

Our first dinner ride was on June 27 to Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes in Decatur. Mike Conley, Steve and Cindy Haugen, Jim Sico and Elaine and Ed Barnett rode, with Vicki and Scott Baker, Marti Conley and Dee Sico riding chase. Good steaks and good times!

Our breakfast ride on Tuesday, July 11, started at 7:15 a.m. in order to beat the overhead sun. Members Marti and Mike Conley, Vicki and Scott Baker, Norm Zilinsky, Steve Haugen, Elaine and Ed Barnett, John Nagy, Jim Sico and Stan Brein gathered at the clubhouse and set off via Hwy 156 north. Our destination was Sanger, Texas. The best part of the ride was north of 156 just east of IH 35. If you have the chance, ride on Rector Road, which runs parallel to IH 35 to the east. The canopy of trees is magnificent and is reminiscent of some of the two lane roads in upstate New York. The sun peering through the foliage while riding is enchanting while the heat ratchets down a few notches.

We arrived at our destination, The Old West Cafe. They have several locations including the new Denton location on IH 35. The Sanger Cafe is a favorite of motorcyclists as it is a gateway to great, uncongested riding in all directions. The parking lot was uncharacteristically empty for the hour, and we soon found out why. Faulty plumbing does not make for a good dining experience. Well, John Nagy to the rescue. A quick bit of internet research turned up Gigi’s on the square in Sanger. They bill themselves as specializing in home style, soul and Cajun cuisine. The atmosphere is down home, and we found a good number of patrons for breakfast. We were greeted and seated by a teenager (grandchild?) and ordered from the ample breakfast menu. Eggs to omelets to pancakes were prepared very well, without the institutional look of a chain restaurant. We had the opportunity to chat with Gigi, and she invited us come back for the dinner menu. We definitely will! We noted that they are around the corner from Babe’s. For our GPS purposes, Babe’s is a geographic reference to locate Gigi’s!

The Board decided to suspend club rides for August. A combination of member travel and the heat contributed to this. I’m sure there will be members riding. Post your intentions on MyGrove if you are interested in having company. Also check MyGrove for postings of interest to the motorcycle community.

Welcome to our new members of the club: Jeff Peck, Oscar Blanco and Dennis Dotson. We look forward to riding with you.

See you on the road! Stay hydrated. Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!