Robson writer publishes book

Carl “CL” Smothers

I enjoy writing science fiction stories that feature colorful and likable characters that sometimes fail, occasionally succeed but never stop trying to accomplish their goals no matter how difficult.

The Wormhole Project is a complex story consisting of three tightly integrated plots. The main protagonist, Dr. Harry Stevenson, is hired out of Cal Tech to develop a wormhole technology to provide mankind with a way to explore the Galaxy. His sidekick, a self-aware artificial intelligence program, Wanda, is determined to escape cyberspace so she can join the human race. Finally there is the villain, Uganda, a power-hungry tyrant whose agents infiltrate the project and steal the technology. Uganda’s goal is simple: convert the technology into a weapon of mass destruction and use it to control the Earth. The interrelationship between these three characters and what they do makes for a fun and exciting story.

The Wormhole Project Synopsis

A top secret, high risk endeavor, the initial Wormhole Project was created to facilitate space exploration in the far reaches of the galaxy. During development the wormhole becomes unstable and kills 22 scientists. The project is immediately shut down citing it as high risk and unmanageable.

Ten years later the National Science and Technology Agency (NSTA) restarts the project and seeks a theoretical physicist to manage the program. Harry’s doctoral thesis on Wormhole design is sent to NSTA by Harry’s Cal Tech professor, Scot Kimberly, a consultant to Dr. Bill Hart at NSTA. Kimberly calls Hart and convinces him to hire Harry despite his youth and inexperience.

Harry is hired and selects System Technology Laboratories (STL) in New Mexico to develop the system. After three years of unimpeded progress Uganda’s moles infiltrate the project. Initial space flights through the wormhole are plagued with sabotage, killing many of Harry’s team members. What starts out as a gift to allow humanity to explore the stars becomes a struggle to prevent Uganda from achieving his sinister plan to control all nations of the Earth.

In a final showdown Uganda gives the United States 72 hours to surrender. Harry and his sidekick Wanda becomes the last line of defense to defeat the most indefensible and horrific weapon system ever developed and save America from total destruction.

Changing directions, my latest novel, The Last 40 Days, is due out in August. It follows the adventures of a futuristic scientist struggling with a conflict between his secular and religious beliefs. To resolve his conflict he creates a time machine to go back to AD33 with one objective: to see if Jesus was really who he claimed to be.

I have published four novels including: The Wormhole Project and MP-1 the Mineral Planet available on in e-book and paperback, and The Entity and I Gynoid published on available in e-book only.