Rock and Roll Martini Group salutes Elvis


The Rock & Roll Martini Group kicked off 2018 at the Nortunen house with a salute to the King, Elvis. January 8 was Elvis Presley’s birthday and the group celebrated his special day and all his contributions to the evolution of rock and roll with two martinis; Blue Hawaii and Jailhouse on the Rocks. Both martinis had a tropical flavor which helped overcome the cold temperatures.

In keeping with our new year’s resolutions, everyone brought delicious food dishes aimed at being on the healthy side. The evening progressed with two Elvis documentary DVDs and reminiscing of the good old days. Speaking of the good old days, members of the group contributed photos of themselves for a guessing game called Name that Rocker! Many laughs were had when the correct answers were revealed. Monica Bishop was the winner of a Jailhouse Rock coffee cup and Darryl Williams won the second-place prize of a banana.

Yep, Rock & Roll, martinis, food and friends makes for a great time! Keep on rockin’ until the next get together.