Rockin’ Red Ranchers tour the Denton Recycle Center

Rockin’ Red Ranchers gather in the Recycle conference room for a briefing by the Denton Recycle tour guide. Seated: Peggy Backes, Geraldine Gawle, Dorothy Hogan, Jan Utzman and Carol Cieslik; Standing: Recycle Tour Guide, Bernadette Fideli, Sandy Schroeder, Phyllis Ayers, Ilene Schlesinger, Judy Loomis, Betty Gardner, Rosemary Simecek, Martha Shoemaker, Janice Forthman and Sally Baggott.

Linda Terry

The weather was brisk and chilly but that didn’t deter the Rockin’ Reds from venturing out to the Denton Recycle Center. The trip was especially pertinent as Robson residents recently received postcards from the Recycle Center about what could and could not be recycled in the green and blue bins.

The Recycle Center guide was quite personable and was working on her doctorate from TWU. She already held a Masters in Eco Tourism Hospitality. She greeted most of the group in the parking lot and escorted the group into a warm conference room for an overview of Denton Recycling. The group then walked a gravel path up to the Pratt Building where recycles from our blue bins are sorted and packaged into bales for resale.

Next the group walked a short distance to the Household Chemical Recycle Center. The group learned about properly disposing of leftover household and pool chemicals, paint, lawn pesticides, aerosol cans and batteries. All these items should never be placed in the green or blue bins due to safety.

The session on batteries was particularly interesting since all batteries require special handling and should never be placed in green or blue bins. Battery terminals should be taped to avoid sparking, even hearing aid batteries!

The Household Chemical Center accepts all types of batteries, including lithium and car batteries. Given the information that aerosol cans, even hair spray should not be placed in blue recycle containers, led the group to question where to dispose of them. Denton offers a drive through service (like a car wash) at the Recycle Center where you can drop off these items. You can also schedule free pick up alongside the blue and green bins.

After the brisk walk and absorbing all the new information, the ladies enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden.