Rockin’ Red Ranchers visit new coffeehouse

Linda Terry

Rockin’ Red Ranchers drove down Faught Road to visit the new coffeehouse nearby. What an interesting excursion! Past colorful shared bicycles to community gardens, the ladies moved out of the summer heat and into the cool interior of the beautifully restored yellow farmhouse where the coffeehouse is located.

It was fun to select among the beverage choices which included lemonade, lavender coffee and an array of other coffee drinks. The ladies enjoyed a light lunch followed by yummy hot fudge sundaes in the farmhouse and learned the history of the Faught farmhouse restoration.

Hilltop Harvest development company (owned by Ross Perot, Jr.) completely restored the original farmhouse. The wood floors, moldings and frame were original and beautiful. Hilltop specially selected the coffeeshop owners who moved from Anacortes, WA to Texas. In addition to the coffeehouse, the shop includes a variety of decorative items that just had to be purchased!