Rotarians love veterans too

Denton Noon Rotary club is challenging Denton residents and businesses to honor a Veteran or active duty soldier by participating in the Flag program.

Rotarians post flags on five patriotic holidays each year. Say “thank you for your service” by subscribing to the program beginning Veterans Day, November 11, 2014.

The cost is $50 for a flag this Veterans Day plus 5 holidays in 2015.

Rotary club members will place a US flag mounted on a ten foot pole approximately 18 inches from the curb of your residence or business. Rotary removes and stores the flag after each holiday.

Sign up at:

Honored soldiers and veterans will be acknowledged on Denton Rotary website, Facebook posts and area publications.

For more information about the Denton Noon Rotary Flag Program contact Penny Gee 940-391-3254

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