RRSA winter update

RRSA work day

RRSA work day

Mark Kellam, RRSA

As the cold weather descends on North Texas the softball team is still hard at work. We held a work day on Friday, December 2, cleaning the scorer’s booth and maintenance shed as well as rolling up the banners on the outfield fence to protect them from the weather. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The advertising banners not only make our ball field look great, they are a vital source of revenue for many improvements and maintenance. The banners are sold for one or two year terms, $600 and $850 respectively, and there are some up for renewal this year. If you are interested in advertising with the RRSA please contact any board member.

On December 8 a general board meeting was held at the clubhouse, and many players attended. Items discussed were the tentative spring schedule, “Field of Dreams” construction update, treasurer’s report, and most importantly the election of next year’s board members.

A nominating committee was put in place comprised of John Thompson, Terry Scholze and Bill Johansson. Thanks to John, Terry and Bill for their efforts. The process included many phone calls, emails and discussions to find appropriate volunteers who were interested in donating their time to the RRSA. During the general meeting the following slate of officers were nominated and elected as the 2017 RRSA board: President, Gary King; Vice President, Gary Smith; Treasurer, Steve Wiley; Secretary, Nancy Rogus; Commissioner, Jim Reese.

Well a new board means one thing: it’s time to give a big “thank you” to the 2016 board. It is hard to highlight how much work and effort the board puts in to provide us with a fun, safe and very enjoyable softball experience. A short list includes setting up the teams, managers, umpires, announcers and scoreboard operators for three seasons (spring, summer and fall), field maintenance, equipment maintenance, weekly board meetings and countless other items.

Next time you see the 2016 board members, stop and tell them thank you: President, Mike Conley; Vice President, Carl Caruso; Treasurer, Carlos Muniz; Secretary, Brad Killingsworth; At Large, Gary Smith; At Large, Gary King.

A few key dates to keep in mind for the 2017 spring season:

2/9 – Spring Registration Meeting

2/19 – Registration Complete

2/25 – Work Day at Field

3/16 – Umpire Training

3/27 – Spring League Starts

The spring season is $10 for returning players. New players will have to buy shirts at $30. Keep those arms and legs in shape for the spring!