RRWGA 2018 Club Championship and Robson Cup Championship

Mary Beninato

The Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association annual Club Championship/Robson Cup was held on October 25-26. The tournament was excellently chaired by Teresa Blackburn-Korn with scoring overseen by Linda Scott.

It was a tough two days of golf with cart path only. Rain started out the morning on Wednesday. The wind became ferocious as the ladies made the turn to the back nine and a few were forced to withdraw. But the determined survived.

The day followed with a lunch supervised by Angie Gay with help from Judy Markley. There was a five-layer dip appetizer with chips; lunch was a build-your-own tostada with beef or chicken and a Mexican rice side; dessert was a flan with espresso whipped topping. Everything was delicious as usual. A door prize of a small two-piece luggage set was awarded to Linda Phillips.

Announcements were as follows:

2018 RRWGA Club Champion: Alice Wright with a 174 gross (reappear winner) and 2018 RRWG Robson Cup Champion: Connie Griswold with a 146 net. Congratulations, ladies!

Winning standings after two days were:

Flight 1, Gross: 1st Place, Okcha Cummings, 182; 2nd Place, Pat Sands, 202

Flight 1, Net: 1st Place, Judy Klenz, 158; 2nd Place, Diane Bent, 165

Flight 2, Gross: 1st Place, Gabie Bull, 211; 2nd Place, Joyce Marshall, 213

Flight 2, Net: Place, Ryoko Stevlingson, 162; 2nd Place, LeeAnn Kirby, 165

Flight 3, Gross: 1st Place, Pam Kanawyer, 212; 2nd Place, Judy Cromer, 222

Flight 3, Net: 1st Place, Brenda Alford, 159; 2nd Place, Deborah Reed, 168

Flight 4, Gross: 1st Place, Sue Halstead, 232; 2nd Place, Paula Myers, 244

Flight 4, Net: 1st Place, Sallye Ortiz, 166; 2nd Place, Ruth Bowen, 178

Congratulations to all of the winners. A big thank you to our Roger Martinez, Director of Golf and his staff; Jeremy Trietsch, Food and Beverage Manager and his staff and servers; Gabe Schmid, Sales Director; Ryan Coffman, Golf Course Maintenance and his staff. Also, thank you to our two artists, Angela Waters and Cathy Hampton, who designed and hand-crafted this year’s trophies.