RRWGA Spring Fling Member-Member Tournament

Flight 2 winners

Flight 2 winners

Flight 1 winners

Flight 1 winners

Mary Beninato

The Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association 18-holers held its first tournament on April 25 with the Spring Fling Member-Member.

This was coordinated by Pat Sands and Alice Wright who did an excellent job. There were 46 players, and the twosomes were computer-generated. The tournament was followed by a yummy lunch of tacos and fixings at the Grill with a general meeting following.

It was a fun-filled, long day with great results. The top three places were paid in each of the four flights as follows:

Flight 1: 1st Place Okcha Cummings, Diane Miller; 2nd Place Nancy Freisheim, Katheryn Claudy; 3rd Place Diane Bent, Alice Wright

Flight 2: 1st Place Cyndi Stampf, Cindy Sterling; 2nd Place Kay McKie, Judy Klenz; 3rd Place Carol Pniewski, Gabie Bull

Flight 3: 1st Place Juandel Tillman, Jeanie Martinez; 2nd Place Linda Knightly, Pamela Kanawyer; 3rd Place Neva Rhead, Linda Farmer

Flight 4: 1st Place Ladonna Womochel, Judy Cromer; 2nd Place Linda Watrak, Sue Halsted; 3rd Place Janice Humphrey, Chris White

If anyone is interested in joining the 18-holers, you can visit rrwga.weebley.com for information and forms, or contact Carol Pniewski at [email protected] Her home number is 940-262-3157.