Save the dates for annual Craft Fair

SAVE THE DATES! Fri, Oct 14, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. & Sat. Oct 15, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

It’s hard to imagine that I am writing about the Robson Ranch Craft Fair coming to our clubhouse on October 14 and 15. It seems that just yesterday the temperature was 100 degrees. Actually it was yesterday; I am writing this article in August.

There are a lot of changes in our Craft Fair this year. First of all I have been given the responsibility of publicizing this event. Even though I have had many unique and interesting challenges during my career, this one has me stumped. I had no idea what was involved in getting the word out. Deadlines galore, contacting a lot of people (or their backups and/or replacements), keeping track of the expenses and following up on commitments to name a few.

My biggest reality check was Facebook. Up until now I have been able to avoid getting on Facebook. I thought that signing onto Facebook would help generate publicity for the Craft Fair. Yes it did, in less than a week; I have had a number of people indicate that they would be going to the Craft Fair this year.

However, what I was not expecting was the deluge of people from my past finding me and asking to be “Friends.” Even though I did accept a few requests to be “Friends,” I was overwhelmed by postings and more requests to be friends people who are mutual friends with my friends. I now understand why Facebook dominates social media and the internet. I don’t care about seeing pictures showing what they had for dinner, their cute pet tricks or who knows what else from total strangers.

Where was I, oh yes, this was supposed to about the Craft Fair.

Your neighbors have been busy all year long working on their crafts and preparing for the Craft Fair. Come out and support them and have fun shopping for your fall and Christmas gifts and decorations. Be sure to invite your friends and family.

We have several new vendors as well as many returning crafters. A wide variety of new items including, wine cork art, custom tote and clutch bags, leather items, key fobs, fairy tooth boxes and American Girl doll clothing will debut this year. Christmas wreaths and decorations, quilts, pottery, woodworking and wood crafts, string art designs, clothing and stocking stuffers will also be available.

Friday evening, October 14, is reserved for Robson Ranch residents exclusively. We will have a cash bar and free appetizers at 6:00 p.m. compliments of the Robson Ranch Sales Office.

Saturday, October 15, the Fair will be open to the public as well as Robson residents. We will be giving out door prizes every half hour starting at 10:00 a.m. for those present during the drawings.

Like us on Facebook ( We will be posting photographs and information about our vendors and their products.

We still have a few spaces available. Please contact Jackie Fiorentino at 262-3480 or Patti Stockhausen at 262-0984 if you’re interested in participating. Spaces start at only $25.