The After Schoolers say “Join us!”

The After Schoolers

The After Schoolers

Darla Chupp

Are you looking for an organization at Robson Ranch that offers an opportunity for making wonderful friends, that provides an avenue to provide a much needed service in the Denton educational community while having a ton of fun? If so, join the Robson Ranch After Schoolers. We welcome all residents who have a passion for education. And no, being a retired educator is not a requirement for membership.

The After Schoolers offer support for the teachers at Borman Elementary School and Gonzalez School for Young Children. This support includes grants, scholarships, monetary gifts and culinary treats. Funds are raised through the semi-annual Robson Ranch Community Garage Sales, which are spearheaded by the After Schoolers.

The After Schoolers are always ready for “field trips.” Our social committee is constantly looking for fun and interesting activities for the membership to enjoy! Past trips have been to sporting events, musicals, dramatic presentations, historical sites, events around the Denton Country area, as well as trips to Dallas and Ft. Worth.

Meetings are on the second Friday of each month, September to June, at 10:30 a.m. in the Medina Room of the Robson Ranch Clubhouse. Annual dues are $15.

For further information please contact co-presidents Darla Chupp at 262-1022 or Gayle England at 262-3234.