After Schoolers tour the Dallas World Aquarium

The After Schoolers toured the Dallas World Aquarium.

The After Schoolers toured the Dallas World Aquarium.

Darla Chupp

“Let us do the driving!” Adventurous After Schoolers rode the train from Denton to The West End and then walked to The Dallas World Aquarium.

The Aquarium has expanded, and it was educational to see and read about all the exotic animals at the aquarium. Touch screens were provided through the facility for additional information. There was quite an assortment of colorful birds, amphibians, reptiles, Caribbean creatures and a Black Jaguar. Some of the animals are listed as endangered, and some were just simply “dangerous” including the huge Anaconda and the gigantic crocodiles. One of the favorite exhibits was the Shark Tank, which could be observed from within or a view from above. Another favorite was the outdoor Penguin exhibit. Walking under the Rainforest canopy was both beautiful and enthralling. The After Schoolers enjoyed lunch at the “eighteen-0-one Cafe.”

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