Show and tell with Happy Potters

Carolyn Detjen and music boxes

Carolyn Detjen

There are few secrets about clay use in the Happy Potters Club. Whether you throw or handbuild, it is a good thing when you reach out to guide and share methods with your fellow potters. On Monday, September 10 eighteen of us gathered around with one of our pots to show it off and tell of our experience in creating this treasure.

Many times glaze can cause a disappointing result. Some run and cause puddles on a kiln shelf. This is a time consuming clean up task. New and unfamiliar glaze can make results questionable, making it a good thing if you can share the results of using it and tell all details of your application. Blisters caused from layering differing types of glaze are sometimes not repairable. It is very discouraging when you have used hours and materials to create an item and then have to dispose of it. Clay shrinks at differing percentages, so it helps if you have an example to show and then refigure the size you are after.

We had bowls, both large and small, leaves, pumpkins, clocks, boxes, baskets and a vase. Soon, those inclined to do so will be creating their version of a music box. Carolyn Detjen will guide and support us in this new endeavor. She has provided patterns for two styles and a list of sources for music box movements. Each will end up being our own style. It will be a fun and very satisfying time. We are always open to new adventures.

Those attending the gathering were the following: Jan Marx, Jeri Tech, Sandy Holt, Erna Seale, Lynda Hall, Judie Smothers, Liz Katz, Eve Draper, Carol Stoltz, Pat Bender, Tracy Olson, Carol Reed, Wayne Detjen, Pat Sabo, Nancy Lussier, Carolyn Detjen, Jo Ann Hanes and Dawn Schiegg.