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Janet Elizondo puts the tag on a surprised Carlos Muniz at second base.

Janet Elizondo puts the tag on a surprised Carlos Muniz at second base.

Alana Bingiel and Johnny Blecher

It was a cool, breezy afternoon on Saturday, March 19, at the Robson Ranch Field of Dreams when the ladies of the Softball Association challenged the men to play a softball game. Rebecca Cole convinced Johnny Blecher to help put a ladies team together while Rich Goodwin was responsible for the men’s team. Right from the start this was a back and forth battle as Ramiro Escamillo led off for the men with a deep line drive to center. With his motor in high gear he tried to stretch the hit to a triple, but Kelly Close ran it down, fired a bullet to Janet Elizondo who took the cutoff and relayed the throw to Nancy Rogus at third for the out. The game was exciting and competitive, but most of all fun. Everyone had a good time, and in spite of some questionable calls by the umpires there were plenty of smiles to go around. In the sixth inning the men pulled ahead for the first time: 17 to 15. But the ladies scored three runs in the top of the seventh to go ahead 18 to 17. In the bottom of the seventh the men quickly got two runners on base, but due to great plays by the ladies they were only able to score one run in the last inning. Yes the game ended in an 18-18 tie. What a great game!

The spring softball season is well underway, and there is only one thing missing and that is YOU! There are plenty of comfy bleachers complete with awnings to shade against the evening sun, and with the field practically in your backyard there are no acceptable excuses not to show up.

The Robson Ranch Softball Association (RRSA) has seven co-ed teams made up of your friends and fellow residents. We play every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the season. All games begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. You will watch in wonder and amazement; you will laugh until you cry; and you will marvel at the skills or lack of skills displayed on the field. One thing you will never be during one of our softball games is bored.

We invite and encourage you to visit our website at to see the spring season schedule of each of the seven co-ed teams and then ink a game or two or three or more into your datebook. Remember, we will always have a bleacher with your name on it.  See you at the field!