Spotlight On Advertiser: A family legacy with a Robson resident connection

Ben E Dickerson, Ph.D.

Many years ago a study determined that fear of going to the dentist was even above the fear of public speaking. Mental pictures of a dentist with a pair of pliers in his hands reaching deep in someone’s mouth to yank out a painful tooth was all too common. For generations a person would rather endure a toothache than to visit a dentist. Thankfully those days are past, and virtually painless dental procedures are today the norm.

Robson residents for the most part have reached a stage in their lives where recognizing good dental health is more than being an option. For us good teeth largely contribute to our good health.

My personal involvement with my dentist began in Bellaire High School in Houston where I knew Carol Sullivan. Carol was a vivacious and wonderful young lady.

Some years later Carol and her husband Ted Dunson, now Robson Ranch homeowners, did something that today is helping many who live here…they brought Ted Dunson II into the world. Ted grew up in Mesquite. After high school he graduated from Baylor University and the University of Texas. He then completed training at Baylor College of Dentistry to become Ted Dunson, II, DDS.

Along the years Dr. Dunson became a husband and father of twin daughters. He’s also a recognized athlete, competing in several Iron Man competitions and numerous marathons. He has medaled in national running, swimming and cycling competitions. Dr. Dunson is also an accomplished scuba diver and underwater photographer. These activities are a family tradition as his sister, Shannon, is also an accomplished marathon runner and athlete.

All Dr. Dunson’s sporting accomplishments are overshadowed by his love for people and dedication to caring for their oral wellness.

In 1997 Dr. Dunson set up his practice in Denton. Even having his practice here speaks to his character. The wife of a Baylor Dental School professor had the practice already established. When she was ready to retire, her husband handpicked Dr. Dunson as the perfect fit to continue serving his wife’s former patients. While further establishing his practice, Dr. Dunson also served as a clinical instructor in the Dental Hygiene Department at Texas Women’s University.

Today Dr. Dunson’s mom, Carol, and sister, Shannon, handle the office and scheduling responsibilities. His staff of dental hygienists and assistants are among the best in Denton and are masters of putting the patient first.

There is a significant number of Robson Ranch residents who call Dr. Dunson their dentist. They know he recognizes the unique needs of aging patients.

I know there are many highly qualified and excellent dentists in the area and one of them, Dr. Ted Dunson, II, DDS, fits that description and has as a further characteristic the title to this article…A Family Legacy With a Robson Connection.