Spotlight on Advertiser: Brandt Travel

Kendall Mead

We are a local team of full-service travel concierges ready to help our 55+ communities navigate the world of travel. We begin everyday excited to help select the perfect type of travel for your interest. Many of our clients are well-traveled and have traveled for business around the world, but now are ready to leisurely visit many of those places and explore and expand their knowledge of the culture and history. We also have clients that are still working and have time constraints, so we help to determine the best use of their time to visit places on their bucket lists. Some clients know exactly what they are looking for, but do not want to handle all the details and remember all the key dates involved with the planning. This is where Brandt Travel steps in. We are the experts and are eager to help, and, the best part is that all of our services are free of charge.

Our philosophy at Brandt Travel, is to build rapport and get to know our clients so when you reach out, we know what you do and do not like. The more we work with you, the more we learn about your travel style and you become a part of our Brandt Travel family. We help you from the beginning of selecting your trip, through all the details along the way, and provide you with hard copies of your travel documents before you go. It doesn’t stop there because we want to know that you enjoyed your journey and had a wonderful experience. We follow up after your travel and welcome you home. We ask you to share your experiences so our future travelers can benefit from your feedback. Brandt Travel also wants to ensure we advocate for you with travel companies when you are not completely satisfied.

For the past several years, we have been the exclusive travel provider for extended Road Runner travel club journeys. We have enjoyed supporting the travel club with travel presentations to share travel opportunities with residents. Brandt Travel is also proud to have supported other clubs in Robson Ranch over the years. Ask a Road Runner about working with us and you will find we have alleviated all the legwork and have helped them to create lifetime memories around the world. Call us today and introduce yourself so we can begin to build a relationship and assist with all your future travel planning dreams.