Super Bag Bowl V Champions in Texas Toss

Super Bag Bowl V Champions in Texas Toss: Leprecorn

Dave Parker

After a season of rain and other weather challenges, it was only fitting that Super Bag Bowl V was played on a cold and windy day. No matter the challenges, the 12 playoff teams took the field in playoff mode. The “Comish”, Steve Targonski, carefully supervised the playoffs and the distribution of the winnings. The winner of Super Bag Bowl V was Team Leprecorn with captain Dennis Thomas. In addition to prize money, Team Leprecorn received a $50 gift certificate to the Grill compliments of Jeremy and Rhett. In second place was Mamas and Papas and captain Bob Porter. Coming in third place was Corn Stars and captain Steve Targonski. Congratulations to all winning teams and players. The Super Bag Bowl trophy is regarded by many as the most prestigious trophy in sports after the Stanley Cup and the Big Game trophy in football. This year 30 teams and over 350 residents participated in the quest for the trophy. This spring 2019 Texas Toss resumes. What team name will be placed on Super Bag Bowl VI?