Support Our Troops donors recognized

Featherheads’ Doyle Hicks presenting $3000 to SOT.

Dianne Edmondson

The Support Our Troops group at  Robson Ranch is blessed to receive donations from several groups here at the Ranch to further its mission of supporting current military personnel who are related by love or blood to Robson Ranch residents. SOT currently supports 93 service men and women (14 deployed and 79 non-deployed). At this time, some of those service men and women are deployed in Qatar (1), Germany (2), Korea (2), Kosovo (1), Iraq (2), Afghanistan (3), at sea (2) and Poland (1). SOT also supports the FLOUR-MWR, (recreation center) at Bagram, Afghanistan, where hundreds visit the center daily.

So far this year, more than 550 large boxes of personal supplies, valued at nearly $20,000, have been shipped to various military units, along with nearly 1000 para-cord bracelets. Hand-made by RR Sassy Stampers, holiday cards and gift cards will be sent to arrive in time for Christmas.

It is thanks to SOT’s successful fundraisers and generous donors that these special shipments and cards are possible. SOT recently recognized several of its 2018 donors, including the Featherheads Golf Group, who presented just over $3000 to SOT from its golfers. This generous donation brings their total over the past few years to more than $25,000, all of which goes to support our military personnel. The lady golfers from the RR Women’s Golf Association also have been supporting SOT for two years, presenting $1100 from their recent Hoofs and Heels golf tournament. Not only SOT but also the military personnel who receive these shipments and cards are very grateful for the generosity of our donors.